The Children's Ministries Institute® exists for the express purpose of promoting the evangelization of children around the world. Believing that ministry to children is crucial for world evangelization, the Institute:

Prepares students to evangelize unreached children with the Word of God, disciple them and establish them in a local Bible-centered church.

· Equips them to offer practical training emphasizing participatory learning for Christians desiring to have an impact on future generations through dynamic outreach ministries to children.

· Helps them to build the managerial and leadership skills needed for developing a children's ministry in Child Evangelism Fellowship, the local church and other mission organizations in North America and overseas.

Prospective Students

Who will benefit from enrolling in the Children's Ministries Institute courses?

· Teachers, parents and others interested in evangelizing and discipling children.

· Bible-college or university students who desire to supplement their training and specialize in children's ministries.

· Missionaries or missionary candidates who need a more specialized preparation for church planting or other church growth strategies which involve ministries to children.

· Those seeking vocational career opportunities with Child Evangelism Fellowship.

· Those desiring to enhance ministry and leadership skills through continuing education.



Applicants must be born again and must sign the Child Evangelism Fellowship Statement of Faith without reservation. A diploma is awarded to all who successfully complete the 12-week program.


CMI Locations

The Children's Minitsty Institute central campus is located approximately 55 west of St. Louis at the International Headquarters of Child Evangelism Fellowship, Inc. in Warrenton, Missouri, on property comprised of over 600 acres of gently rolling terrain.

Severeal of the Institute courses are offered at extension sites throughout the US and Canada. Credit toward an Institute diploma may be earned in a convenient location near you.

Acedemic credit may be available through various colleges.

CEF satellite Institutes are currently functioning in Europe, South America, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Orient.