CYIA (Christian Youth-in-Action) is a comprehensive training course for young people (8th grade completion and up) to learn how to teach children the truths of God's Word.
   The first week of training you will receive extensive instruction from a variety of well-trained, experienced CEF workers. You will learn to share the Gospel one-on-one, teach effective Bible lessons, share exciting missionary stories, and develop a full program with songs, memory verses, and review games.

      During the second week, you will have the opportunity to use your training by participating in 5-Day Clubs in the Hannibal, MO area under the supervision of an adult leader.

      5-Day Clubs meet for 1 1/2 hours a day for five consecutive days and are designed to take the Gospel to where the boys and girls are -- in the neighborhoods and communities. Upon return to the local Kansas City area, you will be ready to be a CEF summer missionary teaching
5-day Clubs to children (for 3 weeks) sometime between June 18-August 3.
Hannibal Evangelical Free Church
in Hannibal, MO
June 3-16
$330.00 (Fee includes your room, board, and all the materials you need to impact the lives of children this summer)
     We are available at this time to make brief presentations to church youth groups, homeschool groups, Christian schools, etc... about the CYIA program. Call today!

     Adult driver/supervisors are also needed for the local summer ministry to help transport and supervise the CYIA teaching teams when they are conducting the 5-Day Clubs. Please contact the CEF office for more details.

What is involved in the training?
You will receive individual and group instruction from some of the most exciting, enthusiastic, and Godly leaders of Child Evangelism Fellowship. These instructors will equip you to teach and counsel boys and girls to receive Christ.

What is the focus of the training?
Your training will be focused on preparing you to teach 5-Day Clubs ® . These are neighborhood Bible clubs for children held in backyards, one hour a day for five consecutive days during the summer. Our summer missionaries (YOU) teach exciting Bible lessons and true-to-life missionary stories. These clubs also include: comtests, singing, sharing, memorizing verses, and more fun way to share the Gospel.

What are the events of CYIA?
As a result of Summer Missionaries teaching God's Word:

Boys and Girls are reached with the Gospel of Christ.
Children's lives are changed
Your skills will sharpen in the areas of communication, teamwork, endurance, resposibility, and self-confidence.
Your faith and vision will grow deeper
You will build new friendships that can last a life time.
You will build experience for service in your own local church, school or vocation.


Where is the training conducted?
The CYIA training is held at a facility that is well suited for individualized instruction and group learning. Excellent opportunities for sports and recreation are part of the 11 day training event.

What about Missionary support?
You will gain experience in assuming the role of missionary by raising support. Your local area will aid you in developing your support level.

For more information and to receive an application, please contact Christy. Applications are due by May 1.