A little over five years ago, CEF began a discipleship ministry for children called the CEF Mailbox Club. What began with the Wonder Book with the first lesson of the Mailbox Club bound in the back has expanded to a tract ministry, special brochures and partnerships with other ministries.

There are six different age related series of lessons. The person completes the initial lesson and mails it in. When it is received, it is processed by a volunteer, the prayer request is prayed for, an encouraging note ("verbal hug") is written and a new lesson enclosed and mailed.

There are over 255,000 students enrolled from 130 countries. The lessons are available in English, large print for the sight impaired, Braille for the sightless, and lessons in Spanish. Ten percent of our students are prisoners and twenty five percent are adults.

The student completing the first series of lessons receives a certificate of completion along with a 365 page Wonder Devotional Book. After completing the second series of lessons, the student receives an age related book. A series of lessons consists of 7 - 10 lessons. There is no charge for any of the lessons or books.