Super Seminars include 26 dynamic training sessions for Children's Workers.

Seminars on Evangelism

• The Final Authority (Why Evangelize Children?)

• 1,2,3 Jesus Loves Me (Helping Children Understand the Message of Salvation)

• Guiding the Child to the Savior(Counseling the Unsaved Child for Salvation)

• Inside-Outside (Ministering to Children Through the Local Church)

Seminars on Child Study

• Teachers That Touch Lives (A Look at the Teacher)

• Confidential - For Your Heart Only (Preparing Your Heart to Teach)

• Packed With a Punch (Making Your Bible Story Live)

• Life-changing Bible Lessons (Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation)

• Drawing in the Net (The Salvation Invitation)

Seminars on Classroom Topics

• Foundation for Life (Bible Verses - More than Memorizing)

• I Will Sing a New Song (Singing - Music With a Message)

• Around the Corner - Around the World (Missions - Bringing the World to Your Class)

• Review Can Be Exciting! (Enhancing Learning in a Fun Way)

• Managing Your Classroom (Dynamics of Discipline)

• Visualize or Fossilize (Using Visual Aids Effectively)

Seminars on Discipleship

• Basic Steps to Maturity (Teaching New Christians)

• Gourmet Food for the Soul (Growing Through God's Word)

• Enter His Gates With Thanksgiving (Learning to Pray)

• A Living Sacrifice (Consecration - My Life Set Apart for God)

• One Step at a Time (Victory Through Christ)

• Speak Up - Speak Out (Training Children to Share Their Faith)

• Where He Leads Me I Will Follow (How God Guides Children)

• Developing Knowledgeable Children (Teaching Doctrine to Children)